How to set up a Fly ash Brick Manufacturing Unit in India

flyash brick


Fly ash Brick manufacturing is profitable business in India.


The basic Needs to setup a Fly ash Brick manufacturing unit in India are


1. Minimum 50 cents to 1 acre Land ( factory campus)


2. It should be situated in 100 km radius From Thermal Power Plant.


3. Water facility - Fly ash bricks should be water cured for 7 - 14 days, so Good water supply must be available in your factory campus.


4. The Project worth will be more or less Rs 30,00,000 /- (production capacity - 12000 bricks/shift.)


5. Profit Per Brick = Rs 1 per Brick ( normal brick size) ( approx. value)

6. At present Flyash availablility is low for Brick manufacturers, because cement industries are mixing 15 % flyash in their cement , so the brick manufacturers are suffering with very low allocation of flyash from Thermal Power plant. Large amount of flyash is sold to Cement factories.


So , If you decide to start a Fly ash manufacturing unit , First check for availablility of fly ash from your nearby Thermal Power Plant.


7. Apply for Flyash Quota to the Electicity Board , State Head office with Proper details to prove that you are genuine manufacturer and not a Broker or Trader.


8. If you are from Tamilnadu, then apply for SSI certificate online before submitting your flyash quota application to Electicity board.


9. Atleast 15 skilled workers are needed to run the factory successfully.(12000bricks/shift production capacity)


10. Check for availablity of Lime from lime kilns and stone dust from Crusher unit . Replace stone dust with sand , if needed.


flyash bricks