Future of Flyash based Cement ppc

Present Status of Fly Ash based Cement in India


· Country consumed over 70 Million T of composite cement in 2004-05

· Fly Ash based cement consumption: Over 60 Million T in 2004-05

· More than 55% of cement consumed in India was composite cement

· More than 75% of cement consumed in Central and Eastern India was composite cement

· Fly ash based cement consumption growing every year


Growing Use of Fly Ash based Cement in India


· Has grown from 20 Million T to 60 Million T over last 5 years

· Use has particularly grown during last 3 years

· High level of acceptance among consultants, architects and engineers

· Accepted by national IS codes IS 456-2000 for design and construction of concrete.








Present Quality of Fly Ash based PPC in India


· Compressive strength at 28 days for PPC by all major producers: > 45 Mpa

· Compressive strength for many brands at 28 days is > 53 Mpa

· Workability and slump retention is betterdue to improved water retention properties

· Finishability better due to finer cement & fly ash particles gets distributed uniformly.

· Fly Ash based PPC used for all applications except for early very high strength requirements



No adverse impact on corrosion of reinforcement steel

· Apprehension about the drop in pH around reinforcement steel when fly ash based cement is used, leading to accelerated corrosion of reinforcement;

· Experimentally checked in a joint study by CECRI and NCBM and the pH found to be the almost same for both OPC and fly ash based PPC. So, no impact on corrosion.



Fly Ash based Cement is environment friendly

· Reduces Green House Gas emission

· Solves serious waste disposal problem faced by power generation industry

· Conserves natural raw materials

· Reduces energy requirement


Structures constructed with PPC