How to buy Fly ash?

The Government announce the following policy / guidelines to help promote Fly ash based brick / building materials and other products  manufacturing units: 

1. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board will supply Fly ash to cement companies and to manufactures of bricks    and associated products, road building etc.,

2. The Sales Tax on the Fly ash made brick is now levied at 4%. It has now been decided to reduce the Sales Tax from 4% to 3%. Commercial Tax and Religious Endowment Department will issue necessary notification in this regard.

3. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board will arrange to collect the Fly ash in a proper manner and make arrangements for proper storage in silos and for easy collection by the buyers wither mechanically or manually.

4. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board will organize two shift operations so that the customers' lorries do not have to wait for a long time.

TAMIL NADU Value Added Tax Act, 2006
Goods exempted from tax by section 15
Effective From : 01/01/2007* 
Fly Ash sold to brick manufacturers